Thursday, February 16, 2012

not the only conqueror

Luciano Wolff
Today we went to Universidad Fransico Marroquin and found that Pedro de Alvarado was not the only who conquered Guatemala and Mexico. His brother Jorge de Alvarado also participated in these conquests. Historians found this through a giant parchment that is kept in fransico Marroquin for exibition in its museum. The only odd thing is that 1/3 of the parchment is missing and no one knows what it has. What do you think the missing piece of the parchment contains?
stock photo : Pizarro statue over the blue sky.


  1. The missing piece of parchment could have have the map to treasure. Because it seem weird for a piece of parchment that contained a map to be missing and that it still hasn't been found.

    1. That is going to be interesting... Like the pirates leave the maps after their death.... I bet that if it was a map to the treasure, everybody in the world will fight to get that map... and it would actually be a BIG MESS!

  2. Wow, that is one interesting question. There can be so many possibilities, like what they said above, about the rest being a map to a treasure. To give a different answer I would guess, that maybe the missing part was a legend that contained immense secrets that no one could find out. What kind of secrets I do not know, but they were dangerous secrets. That was really interesting now I feel like going to see the parchment.