Thursday, October 30, 2014

Studio C Spooky Sketches

By: Lacey

This isn't the first time I've posted videos from the sketch comedy series Studio C from BYUtv. However, I thought you all might enjoy these.

With this spooky season creeping up on us, it would seem that  now is an ideal time to share a few sketches from Studio C that are Halloween-related to fit with the mood. They range from scaring pranks to scandals to campfire stories. 
Below you will find several videos of the sketches. Enjoy watching and be sure to comment which was your favorite.

The first video is about a Halloween prank that went entirely wrong. Give it a watch. Have you participated in pranks or ever been pranked in a memorable way?

Here is another scare prank video worth a watch.

This sketch shows a live scene depicting a Murder Mystery Scandal from the board game “Clue.” Very funny indeed.

This is a sketch of the Most Awkward Death Scene of All Time:

Here is a sketch of a Scary True Story from the Future during the year 2052.

Studio C never fails to entertain. Which of the sketches was your favorite? Comment below. Don't forget to get your spook on during this scary season! Indulge in some delicious goodies and watch out for chimps! Happy Holidays everyone! 


  1. I only saw they one about the chimp but I thinks it is really funny to be just one, and I think that I should put some like this when I'm a guest blogger.

  2. such cool videos!!!
    this guys are very funny.

  3. I love these sketches! :) My favorite was The Most Awkward Death Scene and the Halloween Prank gone wrong. Studio C never fails to make me laugh, so I'm glad you posted these videos! I'm very excited for Halloween! :D

  4. I LOVE studio C!! Their skits are so funny and they never fail to entertain, these make me excited for haloween!