Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sam and Cat

By: Genesis Esquilin
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Do you miss Sam Puckkett from ICarly? Do you miss Cat Valentine from Victorious?  Now you can see them both in Nickelodeon on their new TV show, Sam & Cat. Sam & Cat is about Sam came to LA (Los Angeles) and saved cat from a garbage truck (I know a garbage truck), they become friends. Cat convinces Sam to be her roommate after Nona (Cat's grandmother) went to a retirement home.  Later, they met a 12 year-old boy name Dice. Dice is their neighbor who likes to trade things for money. He also manages a professional wrestler name Goomer. Goomer is not smart (he thought he can fix his hamburger after Sam crushed it). Also in each episode, they use the number sign "#" before the name of the episode.

On the show, they use some people. They use two kids on the first episode and on another episode. They also use Sophia Grace & Rosie (I know!) on an episode call #TheBritBrats and #RevengeOf TheBritBrats. They also use Eric Lange (Sikowitz from Victorious). in the episode #MommaGommer. 

So if your a person who really loves Sam Puckkett from ICarly and Cat Valentine from Victorious, then Sam & Cat is the show for you.

Here is the commercial

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  1. Oh my gosh I love this show!! It's not the best but I find it very funny :)

    1. For my opinion, Sam and Cat is the funnies show on Nick. But thanks for telling me this. Thx 4 the comment!

  2. I personally think it is not funny. It makes no sense. But that's just what I think.

  3. I like this show. It is funny, but I think that it's missing something. I think the jokes are too planned, but I still like watching Sam and Cat together in a show!