Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Killer Karaoke

By Genesis Esquilin

Taken from Google Images

Do you love to see people in torture? Do you love to see people in a cold pool full with snakes? Do you want to see people tying to win up to $10,000? Then Killer Karaoke is the show for you. Killer Karaoke is an American reality TV show in truTV. It is about people singing while doing crazy challenges. The host of this show is a crazy man (he is not too crazy) name Steve-O (in the photo). The challenges of the show are Big Stank, Bite Club, Blown Away, Cactus Maze, Hair Raiser, Head Case, Puppet Master, Swamp Swing, Walk of Fear, Shock Therapy 1, and Shock Therapy 2. (My favorite). (Shock Therapy 1 and 2 are different). And the final three take a ride on the world's largest turntable and the one who stays the longest gets up to $10,000!

Big Stank is when the contestants sings while two big sweaty 500- pounds men dancing with the contestant. 

Bite Club is when the contestant wear a suit and been bitten by wild dogs (sometimes they had to deliver packages).

Blown Away is when the contestant stands in front of three giant fans and get a facial (Steve-O style) while holding a rope full of water and being thrown with the fans paprika and oatmeal. 

Cactus Maze is when the contestant wear blurry vision goggles while walking through a field of cti and dodge a bag of flour and try to grab money in a cactus. And a little surprise, their is a python on the cactus!

Hair Raiser is when the contestants (only male) sit in a barber's chair and get a wax. And Steve-O add a scorpion to the contestant's stomach!

Head Case is when the contestant has to stick his or her hand or head into a case and try to find a $50 bill. The funny part is when one of the cases is a stuff animal of food to confuse the contestant.

Puppet Master is when the contestant gets inside a suit with a man and the man controls the actions while the song is playing.

Swamp Swing is when the contestant (usually a female) gets on a swing and get drop in a tank full of ice cold water and full of snakes and twi baby alligators!

Walk of Fear is when the contestant stroll down the catwalk and put his or her feet into six boxes full with creatures and dangerous items. The first three boxes are  ice water, fish guts, and maggots.

Shock Therapy 1 is when the contestant wear shock collars and serve Steve-O food and drinks. Sometimes Steve_o don't eat the food, he just throw them behind his back.

Shock Therapy 2 is the same thing as Shock Therapy 1, but the contestant has to walk up and down the stairs and then they serve Steve-O the food.

So if your a person who loves people being torture, then Killer Karaoke is the show foe you. 

Here is one of my favorites events of Killer Karaoke.


  1. Yah I have seen it. I think is rude for the people singing but they want to do it. It is funny for me because they are yelling while singing so that makes their singing really bad. But I like it so so.

  2. It was so funny! Poor singer! I hope wasn't hurt that bad! I really look forward to seeing this show! Loved it!

  3. first time I see this show. I laughed all the time, while I was watching this video.

  4. Wjajajajajjajajajaja! This is an awsome idea just to do something new! I want to watch this show know.

  5. This is so funny! I had never heard about this show! I think I am maybe going to watch it. The man in the video i really resistant to electric shock!

  6. This looks like a really cool series. I have watched an episode and I just couldn't stop laughing. Its just impressive to see how many things can be to a human to make them look so embarrassing.

    1. I saw this show many times, and I know that it's so funny! I also read that the host is going to do something extreme, that the is going to be cancel. But they are going to replace him with a new host. I just hope is as good as Steve-O