Friday, March 1, 2013

Nitro Circus:The Movie

If you do not know what is Nitro Circus, is a lot of guys making crazy and dangerous stuff. One of the most famous guy on that team is Travis Pastrana, he is just awesome, he does everything that someone wishes to do. And there are many more that make really stupid things. First they started as a T.V. show, same as Jackass. But they were doing dangerous things with sports, and Jackass just do stupid things. So now Nitro Circus is taking their program to a movie. Is going to be called Nitro Circus:The Movie 3D. They are taking 3D to a whole new level. They are just awesome, like jumping from a building to another building, that is how awesome they are. Also if you like monster trucks, or motor cycles, or bikes, they use all these but stupidly. So if you had the chance to make a dumb movie, what would you make it about? I do not know what would I do it about, but I will make a dumb video. Just watch the trailer and you should buy the movie, it worths it.

By: Jorge Paredes

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