Sunday, March 3, 2013

Classical Music/Battlefield Friends

Classical Music - PSA
Well, I doubt many people in the Equity community are big fans of classical music (neither I am at a certain degree, but I do enjoy listening to it), but I do think that this would be quite helpful to a few, if any at all, who are struggling to find certain pieces on the internet. On youtube you can find Bach's cello suits (all of them) by "Yo Yo Ma." and the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. If you can't a link is available if you want it.
That being said...

Battlefield Friends (BFF)
Ok, this is not the usual "BFF" that you will see frequently in social networks, chatting, and all that stuff. It is, in fact, "Battlefield Friends." This series has been going on for nearly, if not already an entire year in youtube, but I thought that it wouldn't hurt sharing it to the people who haven't seen it yet.
Disclaimer: You might not get anything at all from the series if you do not have any experience with the game "Battlefield 3" by DICE. So, if you have no interest at all with this, don't bother watching it, as you might not really care.
Moving on.
The series is popular among battlefield players as it makes fun of things that are both famous and infamous in the game itself. This includes the making fun of overpowered weapons and vehicles in the game, glitches, and common rage-inducing sights/actions seen in the game itself. 
Well, that is quite more than enough said, If you ask me. So, enjoy.
(2nd Dislcaimer: it can have quite a fair amount of inappropriate words, so proceed at your own risk/responsibility...yes, I had to make the "Inappropriate words" big so you people would bother looking at it).

Kijoon Jeong/Jung

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