Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sofia Braun-Valle posted a really great video by Joan Jett a few weeks ago, sparking a memory of one of my very favorite woman musicians, Bjork. Bjork is from Iceland and she is well known for writing music that is challenging and crazy and wild. For example, she wrote a whole record, called Medulla, in which the only instrument is the human voice. I know that sounds normal, but check out what she did using just the human voice.

Anyway, along with trying wild and unconventional compositions, she's also known for using wild and unconventional musical instruments, like the Reactable.

"The Reactable is a tangible computer music instrument based on a table." I just think this is such a wonderful way to think about creating music. Instead of working with notes in time, you work with blocks in space. Oh, and it seems as though there's also a Reactable iPad app for those of us who can't afford the full sized thing.

And just 'cause I'm a nice guy, here's one more video of the Reactable in action. I think this is what it's intended to sound like:


  1. I think that Bjork is an amazing singer. I used to think that she was the worst artist ever, but now, I actually like her music! It's really cool how she uses the human voice as an instrument, and the reactable is cool too.

  2. I am not even an Grandpa yet, and I already am amazed and exited for new technology like this. I don't know if you all have seen Iron man but I am still waiting to be able to wear holograms and this is getting pretty close.

  3. Sweeeeet!!!! Reactable is just awesome. I want one of those, although I wonder how much the actual thing costs. I don't really know if the app is as cool though... I wonder how these vibrations can make different sounds as you put shapes around them.

  4. I agree Roberto. The physicality of the table and the blocks you put on it are part of what makes the reactable cool.

  5. roberto that would be a good idea for an apppp