Thursday, October 6, 2011

Girls can Rock n Roll

Joan Jett a girl that truly can rock n roll she is called the "The queen of Rock n roll".
The hit that made her famous was "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", which was 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 from March 20 to May 1, 1982 and many other more like "Crimson and Clover.","I hate myself for loving you",and "Bad Reputation."
she was former of two bands "The Runaways" where she would play the guitar, and "The Blackhearts." where she was the lead singer.
She was recently nominated in the Rock n Roll hall of fame for 2011 with many other more rock musicians.
Come on know tell me who thinks a girl can´t rock n roll?


  1. I think that women have incredible talent when it comes to music. Especially in composition and lyrics. They have a very exalted taste when it comes to music writing, and men often tend to incline towards feminine tendencies when writing lyrics. It is true. Haha. If you wanna listen to some more girl power rock, listen to the band 'Heart'.

  2. Heart is group made in the mid 70s, But it reach height on the 80s. Actually was the type of music my mom used to hear at my age!. Personally I do like it, i found the lyrics very passionate and consistent with your comment!
    .How about Pat Benatar, I encourage to check her out!. She is also ONE of the Greatest ROCK chicks during the same time line!. One of my favorites songs Hit me with your Best shot, but apparentelly "love is a Battlefield" hit the the top list on the Billboard, too!.

  3. I'm not a rock n' roll girl, but I have to admit that this song is really good. A lot of people say that this type of music is not for girls, but what Lars said proves them wrong. I think that there are a lot of talented girls out there waiting to be heard

  4. I feel that girls are very talented in any genre of music. I think girls in rock n' roll is almost my kind of music along with pop. Most music I absolutely love are sung by girl singers. Many girls have creative kinds of voices when it comes to music.

  5. I totally agree with you gabriel and dania .
    Joan jett is an example but there many girls out there having the rock n roll spirti!!

  6. I personally don't like the music. But people have different opinions! :) but I think it's true that girls also can rock n roll!! I guess this song is very old? But the lyric is really nice XD

  7. Sofia, this is one of my favorite posts so far this year. Dang right girls can rock! The following are some examples of my very favorite girl rockers.

    Meg White of the White Stripes


    Kim Deal of The Breeders

    Janis Joplin

  8. My mom loves Pat Benatar, Sofia! She introduced me to "Wuthering Heights." I love the guitar solo.

  9. yeah i love pat banatar tooo! she is great at what she does !
    yeah girls can totally rock !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Joan Jett is an incredible singer, and has a lot of musical talent. I love most of her songs. From all of the girls who sing rock and roll, I think that she is the best, because of many reasons. First, she has a really deep voice, and you can sense something like a groal when she sings, which is something that most girls that sing rock lack. Also, she has an incredible control of her voice. You can notice this when she screams. Her voice doesn't shake.

  11. I do believe that girls can rock n' roll and they rock at it as well. Like Lars I also believe that women are really good at composing lyrics and also at singing them.