Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Different Type of Music

I have always enjoyed listening to new music, especially the music that my friends introduce to me. The type of music I have enjoyed the most is "Indie", or Independent music, which is a very different type of music. This song is the best example of Indie music, becasue it's different to regular music in every way. The singer of this song is called Andrew Bird. He's my favorite Indie singer because he is the reason why I started listening to Indie songs.
Indie music is known for doing a development in popular music, and it dosen't have major commercial records. That's why often, you won't listen to Indie music on the radio. This is one of the reasons why I like it. Becasue not everyone knows this songs.
As you listen to this song, think what makes it good or bad, and why, in your opinion, is it different. And why do you think it's called "Independent music"?

By: Pablo Arimany


  1. I love Andrew Bird! Check out "The Sifters" if you don't know it already. It's one of the most powerful songs I've ever listened to.

  2. Pablo! I love Andrew Bird. He whistles better than anyone I have ever heard. He has such control over his voice!

    I would consider two of my favorite bands making music right now (Radiohead and Arcade Fire) indie. Arcade Fire is on Merge and Radiohead is on XL Recordings; both are small, independent music labels.

  3. Yeah this music is really different never heard of it .
    But its good.
    I thought this kind of music didn't have lyrics but adding the lyrics part makes it much more better!