Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This video comes to us from thismustbetheplace, a web video series about how different people define what a home is. Clearly Chong Gon Byun here, a Korean living in Brooklyn, at least partially defines home as a work of art. But what I like about this video, the reason I think it is interesting, is the way in which it focuses only on details. Byun doesn't ever say, "My opinion of home is . . ." Rather, the camera overwhems the viewer with details and allows them to draw their own conclusions. I think this method really invites the viewer in.


  1. I think it is vey interesting how he puts all those things he finds and buys together and has all those creative detail and how he says that everything has to be taken care of and has to be talked to. This is very interesting because it shows what is his value for his house.

  2. This is very cool. I love it when he says "If I didn't have a relationship with my items, this house would be to scary to live in." or, "There is always space." His concept of the home is very interesting. What a great video!

  3. How he says that the meaning of his house is like that of an island without the disruption of people is very interesting because the first thought you have is that he is antisocial and it gives you a negative first thought.